Remember the days when you thought someone was listening in on you conversation?  And a friend says, ‘oh you’re just being paranoid.’  I guess it started when we had a party-line on our telephone.  It was back it the 1960’s and two people could use the same phone number, when they were not using it, you could use the phone and sometimes when you picked up the phone to make a call, you could hear the other person’s conversation, and then you would interrupt them by saying, “Oh sorry, I need to use the phone.”  Well, then people would tell stories when the  local police bugged phones to get information.  And it was also the word being ‘tapped’ on the phone.  Now the government says they have a right to listen in on phone conversations because of terrorism.  Okay.  Not only do they want the right to listen to our conversations on the phone, they want access to our emails, also because of terrorism.  We are also being told we should frequently change our passwords on the websites we use like face book, google, and your email password.  We are reminded to get a safe guard your email app.  Okay.  In case someone gets your password and starts reading all your email and sign in to the websites you enjoy. These people may be the Chinese or Russians, your know the commies, breaking into our email.  Okay.  When out in public, should I look at the person next to me to make sure they are not watching me put in my password on my key board?  May cover one hand on my key board so they will not get my password.  Not only that, do not forget, when you toss papers in the trash, do not have information that has your social security number or name with address on it.  There are criminals who go through your papers looking for information to use to get any identification, this is fraud.  Okay.  Now, relax, turn on the television, and watch a James Bond movie, 007, making leaps and flips catching the bad guy.

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Are you single?  This is a question asked by many on social media.  Well, yes I am, I reply.  Then i asked by a new friend, “Do you have any kids?”.  The next question usually is, “How old are you?”  When I reply to a new friend that, “I am single”, I usually get this reply that sounds as though it is strange for a woman to be single.  All of a sudden my new friend wants my life history.  Wait a minute!  I go to my Facebook page and it is a way to relax and share with friends and family, play a few enjoyable games, right?  Some people do not understand that everyone is not on social media to have a serious , committed relationship in ten minutes on “chat”.  I really do not feel as though I have to explain to every new friend why I wish to be single at this time in my life.  Explaining to each “friend” all my past romantic relationships and what went wrong with each one of them.  Well, if you would like me to write an auto-biography, maybe one day I will, but I will not write it on “chat”.  Some people come on too strong.  That can turn a person off completely from trying romance again.  Imagine, you just end a  fifteen year relationship and feeling pretty good about your decision and suddenly you are thrown in a basket ball game and you are the basketball being thrown to each player in the game, “Hey loose ball!”  “Hurry, got to make a score!”  “Think quick!”  Hey, No!  I do not even like basketball!  Hurry up, think quick!  We got a rebound!  Gee if only I was a little younger, some of these guys I could have really gone for.  I am older and wiser, I hope.  Well, in some respects.  One thing I do know, some people you should not try to rush romance on, or it will never happen.  

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UFO Sighting – Sleigh with Red Light in Front

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       One night I went outside on the back porch which goes to up to the second story.  I was looking at the night’s sky with my telescope.  There was to be an eclipse of the moon that night.  It … Continue reading

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Power of Positive Energy

PIC_0331     The Earth is filled with positive and negative energy.  As in the Chinese philosophy, Chi, female is negative, male is positive, the moon is negative, the sun is positive, a standing water is negative, a raging water fall is positive.  The sun ray’s are use for solar energy, a water fall is used to produce energy, wind is used to produce energy through windmills, the power of a positive charge of lightning is use to produce energy that of electricity.  The body, also, must be filled with positive energy.  The human body consists of molecules, atoms, neutrons, electrons, etc..  Would our bodies benefit from positive energy to a degree?  Positive and negative elements exist but, as we have observed that negativity is somewhat harmful to the human mind and body.  Negativity can cause depression and illness.  Depression, also, occurs more frequently in the Winter months when there is less day light or sun light.  If, in the human body, positive elements could create wellness and destroy negative growth, such as cancer or other physical illnesses.  Apply positive elements to the molecules, atoms, neutrons, electrons, etc. in the body that would destroy the over negativity causing illnesses in these areas and would give back energy and life to molecules, atoms, etc. in the body for health and well being to the body.

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Concord Grapes

I was taking a walk on a sunny September day and I came to an area that had been originally owned by the Bushnell family many years ago, perhaps during the colonial days.  This area was filled with over grown brush and thickets, thankfully, it has not been disturbed in many years.  I noticed a grape vine and decided to stroll over and as I got closer, there were clusters of grapes between the grape leaves.  I thought to myself, these must have been the grape vines still here that the Bushnell family planted.  The gentlemen and ladies, with their fans in their hands to cool themselves and delicate umbrellas in their hands to shade themselves from the sun, meandered through what were once vineyards, and enjoyed a glass of wine on their porch, the fruit of their labors.

Concord Grapes

Concord Grapes

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An October Evening

10672309_739287826106647_3085740688815148698_n It was an October evening.  Near to Halloween.  A lantern tour was being given at a nearby cemetery, Norwich town cemetery, by our local historian.  The Norwich town cemetery is the oldest cemetery in the area I live and it’s graves are filled with American Revolutionary soldiers, and founders of the new colonies.  Some of the one’s buried in this cemetery have their own stories, dating back to the founding of our city, Norwich, during the 1600 circa.  I decided to ride my bicycle to the cemetery around dusk to see the lantern tour and learn about some local history.  It was getting a little dark and I walked down the path the leads to the cemetery, past the French soldiers marker in memory of some French soldiers who perished during the American Revolutionary War, through the black wrought iron gates, and I stood with my bicycle and waited awhile.  Minutes past and I found myself alone in the cemetery.  I thought to myself someone will show up soon.  As I was standing waiting,  I heard the voices of a man and woman, as they approached me, the man was walking quickly behind the woman and he was speaking in an angrily tone to the woman.  I observed the couple, and I noticed he had a long dark pony tail pulled back in a black ribbon with a white shirt with ruffles on the sleeves and dark breeches.  She was dressed in a dark green 1700 circa style dress.  She wore a chain around her neck with a pine green stone pendant attached.  I noticed she wore her brown hair very long and her make up looked like it was terracotta with earth tone browns.  As the couple were walking past me, I asked the woman where “everyone was to see the lantern tour at dusk?”  She replied politely that she thought “they were gathering at the green.”  They walked off, he hurriedly ahead of her amongst the gravestones in the cemetery and vanished out of my sight.  I suddenly realized how very alone I was at dark in the cemetery, I grabbed my bicycle and rode it out of the cemetery as quickly as I could and down the road back home.  I thought of this couple afterwards…were they ghosts?

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Menu from Paris Butcher During the Siege of 1871 (in French)

Menu from Paris Butcher During the Siege of 1871 (in French).

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