It’s the Economy, Stupid

Okay, I get it, it’s the economy.  But how is the average citizen going to have their word as to how they feel today’s economy is treating them.  There are a lot of people who are hurting today financially.  Prices are too high today for the middle-class to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.  Well, maybe the middle-class can swing it, you know the monthly bills that every household should pay, rent, utilities, cable, car payment, groceries.  It all sounds nice, but it reality, how can a single mom afford to pay $1000.00 a month for renting an apartment, take care of her children, making sure they have nice clothes, good food on the table, and transportaion to their favorite hobbies?  Who are the current pricing system aimed at, millionares?  Some prices are going so high, you would think we have a million dollar income to live comfortable.  Rent in the 1970s was about $300.00 a month, utilities was low, groceries were low, and you did not pay for watching television.  Television programs that we watched at home was free.  Now, companies like Comcast want the average family to pay almost $100.00 a month to watch television.  Guess what?  The Comcast executive is making millions of dollars a year for his annual income.  Treating himself to only the best and his income is from the high payments we make each month to Comcast to watch television.  Comcast execs are not the only company who love to set the high prices on their products.  Your monthly bills that are a necessity for a comfortable life, your rent, the groceries, are all priced high so that the retailer can make a few million a year, while the middle class is trying to pay all their bills each month and have a little left for entertainment.  Yes, it’s the enconomy, stupid, and when prices are so high, that the only way is for the prices to come down, and you have politians wondering why so many people are unhappy, just remember in politics, are politicians are voted in to make American lives in some way better.  The polictians should not look into the eyes of the listening audience and say, ‘It’s the economy, stupid.’

About Maria Jolicoeur

Hello, my name is Maria Jolicoeur, I live in Norwich, Connecticut, I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution of 1776, Nationally, located in Washington, D.C., a State of Connecticut DAR member and locally a Faith Trumbull Chapter member, which I am the chairperson for American Heritage, Conservation, and I am the publicist. The Faith Trumbull Chapter received an award for Conservation for merit and minutes recited each at each monthly meeting. My ancestor, Basil Prather, born in Maryland, served in the militia in North Carolina in the Revolutionary War of 1776, he was married to Cloe Robinson and they had many children, their son,William, I am a direct descendant. The DAR is a woman's organization with it's members having proof of an ancestor who served in the Revolutionary of War of 1776, we promote education, patriotism, and historic preservation. I have a show, entitled, 'Let's Talk About History', through my involvement as Faith Trumbull DAR publicist, which airs every other Friday at 8:00 p.m., on channel 14(Comcast). I enjoy collection antiques and I have a few antique dolls in my doll collection. I enjoy viewing architecture. I sang in choir at church, locally, and a few arias I sang solo were; Motzart's Mass in C minor Motzart's and Handel's MESSIAH, along with Christmas carols.
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