Are you single?  This is a question asked by many on social media.  Well, yes I am, I reply.  Then i asked by a new friend, “Do you have any kids?”.  The next question usually is, “How old are you?”  When I reply to a new friend that, “I am single”, I usually get this reply that sounds as though it is strange for a woman to be single.  All of a sudden my new friend wants my life history.  Wait a minute!  I go to my Facebook page and it is a way to relax and share with friends and family, play a few enjoyable games, right?  Some people do not understand that everyone is not on social media to have a serious , committed relationship in ten minutes on “chat”.  I really do not feel as though I have to explain to every new friend why I wish to be single at this time in my life.  Explaining to each “friend” all my past romantic relationships and what went wrong with each one of them.  Well, if you would like me to write an auto-biography, maybe one day I will, but I will not write it on “chat”.  Some people come on too strong.  That can turn a person off completely from trying romance again.  Imagine, you just end a  fifteen year relationship and feeling pretty good about your decision and suddenly you are thrown in a basket ball game and you are the basketball being thrown to each player in the game, “Hey loose ball!”  “Hurry, got to make a score!”  “Think quick!”  Hey, No!  I do not even like basketball!  Hurry up, think quick!  We got a rebound!  Gee if only I was a little younger, some of these guys I could have really gone for.  I am older and wiser, I hope.  Well, in some respects.  One thing I do know, some people you should not try to rush romance on, or it will never happen.  

About Maria Jolicoeur

Hello, my name is Maria Jolicoeur, I live in Norwich, Connecticut, I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution of 1776, Nationally, located in Washington, D.C., a State of Connecticut DAR member and locally a Faith Trumbull Chapter member, which I am the chairperson for American Heritage, Conservation, and I am the publicist. The Faith Trumbull Chapter received an award for Conservation for merit and minutes recited each at each monthly meeting. My ancestor, Basil Prather, born in Maryland, served in the militia in North Carolina in the Revolutionary War of 1776, he was married to Cloe Robinson and they had many children, their son,William, I am a direct descendant. The DAR is a woman's organization with it's members having proof of an ancestor who served in the Revolutionary of War of 1776, we promote education, patriotism, and historic preservation. I have a show, entitled, 'Let's Talk About History', through my involvement as Faith Trumbull DAR publicist, which airs every other Friday at 8:00 p.m., on channel 14(Comcast). I enjoy collection antiques and I have a few antique dolls in my doll collection. I enjoy viewing architecture. I sang in choir at church, locally, and a few arias I sang solo were; Motzart's Mass in C minor Motzart's and Handel's MESSIAH, along with Christmas carols.
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