An October Evening

10672309_739287826106647_3085740688815148698_n It was an October evening.  Near to Halloween.  A lantern tour was being given at a nearby cemetery, Norwich town cemetery, by our local historian.  The Norwich town cemetery is the oldest cemetery in the area I live and it’s graves are filled with American Revolutionary soldiers, and founders of the new colonies.  Some of the one’s buried in this cemetery have their own stories, dating back to the founding of our city, Norwich, during the 1600 circa.  I decided to ride my bicycle to the cemetery around dusk to see the lantern tour and learn about some local history.  It was getting a little dark and I walked down the path the leads to the cemetery, past the French soldiers marker in memory of some French soldiers who perished during the American Revolutionary War, through the black wrought iron gates, and I stood with my bicycle and waited awhile.  Minutes past and I found myself alone in the cemetery.  I thought to myself someone will show up soon.  As I was standing waiting,  I heard the voices of a man and woman, as they approached me, the man was walking quickly behind the woman and he was speaking in an angrily tone to the woman.  I observed the couple, and I noticed he had a long dark pony tail pulled back in a black ribbon with a white shirt with ruffles on the sleeves and dark breeches.  She was dressed in a dark green 1700 circa style dress.  She wore a chain around her neck with a pine green stone pendant attached.  I noticed she wore her brown hair very long and her make up looked like it was terracotta with earth tone browns.  As the couple were walking past me, I asked the woman where “everyone was to see the lantern tour at dusk?”  She replied politely that she thought “they were gathering at the green.”  They walked off, he hurriedly ahead of her amongst the gravestones in the cemetery and vanished out of my sight.  I suddenly realized how very alone I was at dark in the cemetery, I grabbed my bicycle and rode it out of the cemetery as quickly as I could and down the road back home.  I thought of this couple afterwards…were they ghosts?

About Maria Jolicoeur

Hello, my name is Maria Jolicoeur, I live in Norwich, Connecticut, I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution of 1776, Nationally, located in Washington, D.C., a State of Connecticut DAR member and locally a Faith Trumbull Chapter member, which I am the chairperson for American Heritage, Conservation, and I am the publicist. The Faith Trumbull Chapter received an award for Conservation for merit and minutes recited each at each monthly meeting. My ancestor, Basil Prather, born in Maryland, served in the militia in North Carolina in the Revolutionary War of 1776, he was married to Cloe Robinson and they had many children, their son,William, I am a direct descendant. The DAR is a woman's organization with it's members having proof of an ancestor who served in the Revolutionary of War of 1776, we promote education, patriotism, and historic preservation. I have a show, entitled, 'Let's Talk About History', through my involvement as Faith Trumbull DAR publicist, which airs every other Friday at 8:00 p.m., on channel 14(Comcast). I enjoy collection antiques and I have a few antique dolls in my doll collection. I enjoy viewing architecture. I sang in choir at church, locally, and a few arias I sang solo were; Motzart's Mass in C minor Motzart's and Handel's MESSIAH, along with Christmas carols.
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