“Have Faith of a Mustard Seed and You Can Move Mountains”

The Great Day of His Wrath

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Do you ever wonder if you have a temper?  I know most of us have control of our tempers, but do you ever want to have harsh words with another individual, and you say to yourself, that is not very becoming to get angry.  The first time I remember getting angry at another individual who was not a family member, was when I was about five years old.  We had a project in first grade, which was to get a flowering seed, and plant it in a container filled with dirt, and take care of your plant, nurture it and watch it grow.  My mother gave me a seed, maybe a mustard seed, and I planted that seed with care.  My seed slowly turned into two small leafy stems growing out of that small container of dirt.  “Wow, look at that, I did it myself, my own two small hands  had actually seen, through the directions of my teacher, what was going to happen with one planted seed, my own nurturing, and something I could take care of and have of my own for quite some time.  It was a beautiful Spring day, that I kept my small jar, filled with dirt, and a single seed turning into two, small leaves, budding off of a small, fragile stem, outside, after being carefully watered, so it could get the warmth and rays of the Sun, when I walked to the front of the garage to check it, there was  the beginnings of my plant, doing fine, boy, was I proud!  I decided to check on my plant, a little later, maybe an hour later.  I walked outside to check my plant, gone, GONE?  Yes, Maria, gone.  I felt the anger inside of me, where is it, who took it, how dare who ever would do that, I knew who, I ran with all my might that my to feet could carry me and my neighbors, “Well, my ‘friend’, Louise, Where is it, I screamed, my plant?  I thought I would hit her, beat her up, maybe, no stay come, I am five years old, I can’t beat up my neighbor and come to a solution to this, she had it hid, she decided not to give it back, it was hers now, my plant that was just sprouting in to a wonderful plant.  “No” , I thought to myself, “I will never forgive you Louise” I thought in my young mind, maybe I have many more years ahead of me to hold this against you, but I will never forget it.”  There was no way I could get my plant back, how could I?  It was her word against mine, that small jar, filled with dirt, and a little seed, blooming.  I turned, walked home,  and gave a little sigh to my Mother.

Maybe I will never know who moved my plant from the place I had put in the sunshine.


About Maria Jolicoeur

Hello, my name is Maria Jolicoeur, I live in Norwich, Connecticut, I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution of 1776, Nationally, located in Washington, D.C., a State of Connecticut DAR member and locally a Faith Trumbull Chapter member, which I am the chairperson for American Heritage, Conservation, and I am the publicist. The Faith Trumbull Chapter received an award for Conservation for merit and minutes recited each at each monthly meeting. My ancestor, Basil Prather, born in Maryland, served in the militia in North Carolina in the Revolutionary War of 1776, he was married to Cloe Robinson and they had many children, their son,William, I am a direct descendant. The DAR is a woman's organization with it's members having proof of an ancestor who served in the Revolutionary of War of 1776, we promote education, patriotism, and historic preservation. I have a show, entitled, 'Let's Talk About History', through my involvement as Faith Trumbull DAR publicist, which airs every other Friday at 8:00 p.m., on channel 14(Comcast). I enjoy collection antiques and I have a few antique dolls in my doll collection. I enjoy viewing architecture. I sang in choir at church, locally, and a few arias I sang solo were; Motzart's Mass in C minor Motzart's and Handel's MESSIAH, along with Christmas carols.
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