I Am Closing Now

img_20181014_200528It was about June 1981.  Between the time of my fiancée’s passing and my very bad date.  I had put my future plans in my upcoming wedding, but, since my plans fell through, I wanted to do something different in a job.  I was really going through a difficult time, but, the next incident did not help me in anyway.

I saw a bartending job at the VFW in Taftville.  I was 25 and really kind of naive.  A painter, who signed my portrait, Verville, was a customer at the bar, said I reminded him of Catherine Hepburn and that he would like to paint a portrait of me.  I gave him a picture of myself, that, from it, he kindly gave me a beautiful portrait he painted for me.

One night, when I was going to close the bar, a regular was still sitting at the bar.  He was the only one still in the bar, other than me.  I told him he had to leave.  It was going on 2:00a.m..  He said, “No.”. He had told me his last name was Moon or something and he was related to the proprietary of the bar.  He continued to come forward to me and he said something, I think I slapped him and he looked at me with a blank face and said, ” Now I am going to kill you.”. My only thought was to run out the door.  When I did and I was heading for my car, I realized that I had left my purse with my keys in the bar and the bar door locked me out when I ran out of it.

I quickly ducked and his behind a corner of the building so that he could not see me as he got in his SUV and turn his headlights on, while he looked around and drove off.

I had to start walk home.  About 2 or 3 miles at 2:30a.m..  My sister live fairly nearby and I anxiously knocked on her door and I suddenly realized she had gone camping that weekend.

I walked and got home.  A tried to explain what had happened.  My father thought it best to report the incident to the police.  When we spoke to the man’s, Moon, mother about what he had done, she got upset, saying, “My son would never do that.!”. Afterwards, a man with the last name of Ross had been arrested for the murder of a woman in a nearby area that looked very similar to the man at the bar with the last name of Moon.

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Once I Got Lost in the Woods

It was late Summer maybe early Autumn.  I was about 20 years old.  I decided to go for a walk.  The walk started on a path behind a church in Versailles.  I just felt like going for a walk.  I ended up on  route 32 in Franklin and decided quickly to go back to Versailles through the woods.

 As I got a quater way from where I first started, I suddenly stopped and could not figure out what direction to go in.  I turned and looked around and each direction looked the same, a group of trees.  I lost my direction and bearings.  Indistinct sounds seemed to come from the distance in the woods.  I began to panic. It was coming close to sundown.

I just kept walking, fast.

I finally came to a clearing.  It was the church in Versailles where I first started on the path.  There was a siren going off and a fire truck at the church.  I was home.

My advice, do not ever go for a walk in the woods that does not have a walking or hiking path!

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One of Life’s Lessons

One day when I was a child of about eight years old, I took my bike and rode it to the store down the road, Richard’s was the name of the store. When I was at the store I walked around and upon leaving, I stopped in front of the shelves of candy. The candy looked irresistible to me, but, I had no money. I asked the lady behind the register if I could have a bag, she looked at me and gave me a bag. I walked back over to the candy shelf, looked at the cashier, and I thought to myself, “good, she isn’t looking” and I then preceded to take candy from the shelf and stuff it in the bag she gave me. When I thought I had enough candy in my bag, I kind of hid the bag and rushed out the store door.

When I got home, it was dinner time, my Father was at the table eating and my Mother was also at the table talking to Dad

I sat at the table and hoping my parents wouldn’t notice what was in my bag, I put my crumpled bag on the table. I noticed my Mother had a strange, blank look on her face, she then took the bag and emptied all of it’s belongings on the table, there laying on the table all of my irresistible candy. I suddenly had this horrible feeling. She asked me, “Where did you get this?”. My Father was looking blankly at my candy on the table. I replied, ” At the store.”. My Mother said, “Oh, and you had money for all this candy?”. I felt like I committed a crime and said, ” No, I took it.”. I was afraid what my punishment was going to be. My Mother said, “You take this candy back to the store and tell Mr. Richards that you took this candy from his store.”. ” Okay.” I said.

I went back to the store with my bag of candy and came to Mr. Richards behind the meat counter. I looked up at him and said, Mr. Richards, I have something to tell you.”. “Yes, what is it?” I told him, ” I took a bag of candy from your store. Stole it.”. He told me, “I want you to sweep the store as punishment for stealing the candy.”. ” Okay.”. I replied.

While sweeping the old wooden floors, with a huge floor broom, that was taller than me man who walked past me said, “Wow! For a kid, you really know the meaning of work!”. ” Yeah.” I quietly replied and then I explained to him what had happened and I did learn a lesson. I never stole from a store again.

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Project BLUE BOOK – Unidentified Flying Objects | National Archives

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In Honor of the General Rochambeau March

A crisp, cool day in October, traveling from Boston, MA, the Faith Trumbull Chapter was visited by descendants of General Rochambeau and General Lafayette

We all met at the Norwichtown cemetery where French soldiers from the American Revolutionary War are buried. We, then went to the Leffingwell Inn and afterwards met at the Governor Jonathan Trumbull house in Lebanon. This visit was in honor of General Rochambeau’s march from New Port, Rhode Island to Connecticut.

While our guests had a box lunch in Lebanon, I played the bowed psaltery. I noted one of our visitors taking pictures.

Our visitors from Paris, France did not speak any English, only French. They were genteel and very polite.

Our visitors left and continued with their trip to the United States traveling to Washington, D.C. at the National Daughters of the American Revolution headquarters.

A couple weeks later we received a letter from our visitors from Paris and inside was a picture of me playing the bowed psaltery for our guests.

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