One of Life’s Lessons

One day when I was a child of about eight years old, I took my bike and rode it to the store down the road, Richard’s was the name of the store. When I was at the store I walked around and upon leaving, I stopped in front of the shelves of candy. The candy looked irresistible to me, but, I had no money. I asked the lady behind the register if I could have a bag, she looked at me and gave me a bag. I walked back over to the candy shelf, looked at the cashier, and I thought to myself, “good, she isn’t looking” and I then preceded to take candy from the shelf and stuff it in the bag she gave me. When I thought I had enough candy in my bag, I kind of hid the bag and rushed out the store door.

When I got home, it was dinner time, my Father was at the table eating and my Mother was also at the table talking to Dad

I sat at the table and hoping my parents wouldn’t notice what was in my bag, I put my crumpled bag on the table. I noticed my Mother had a strange, blank look on her face, she then took the bag and emptied all of it’s belongings on the table, there laying on the table all of my irresistible candy. I suddenly had this horrible feeling. She asked me, “Where did you get this?”. My Father was looking blankly at my candy on the table. I replied, ” At the store.”. My Mother said, “Oh, and you had money for all this candy?”. I felt like I committed a crime and said, ” No, I took it.”. I was afraid what my punishment was going to be. My Mother said, “You take this candy back to the store and tell Mr. Richards that you took this candy from his store.”. ” Okay.” I said.

I went back to the store with my bag of candy and came to Mr. Richards behind the meat counter. I looked up at him and said, Mr. Richards, I have something to tell you.”. “Yes, what is it?” I told him, ” I took a bag of candy from your store. Stole it.”. He told me, “I want you to sweep the store as punishment for stealing the candy.”. ” Okay.”. I replied.

While sweeping the old wooden floors, with a huge floor broom, that was taller than me man who walked past me said, “Wow! For a kid, you really know the meaning of work!”. ” Yeah.” I quietly replied and then I explained to him what had happened and I did learn a lesson. I never stole from a store again.

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Project BLUE BOOK – Unidentified Flying Objects | National Archives

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In Honor of the General Rochambeau March

A crisp, cool day in October, traveling from Boston, MA, the Faith Trumbull Chapter was visited by descendants of General Rochambeau and General Lafayette

We all met at the Norwichtown cemetery where French soldiers from the American Revolutionary War are buried. We, then went to the Leffingwell Inn and afterwards met at the Governor Jonathan Trumbull house in Lebanon. This visit was in honor of General Rochambeau’s march from New Port, Rhode Island to Connecticut.

While our guests had a box lunch in Lebanon, I played the bowed psaltery. I noted one of our visitors taking pictures.

Our visitors from Paris, France did not speak any English, only French. They were genteel and very polite.

Our visitors left and continued with their trip to the United States traveling to Washington, D.C. at the National Daughters of the American Revolution headquarters.

A couple weeks later we received a letter from our visitors from Paris and inside was a picture of me playing the bowed psaltery for our guests.

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My Instincts Said Don’t Go

It was a beautiful late July afternoon, such a beautiful day, you wouldn’t want to sit at home. I have gone for a walk a couple blocks to a neighborhood corner store. This store sold soda, cigarettes, lottery tickets. I bought a soda and walked outside to go home. A car stopped and a young man said, “Hello.”. He continued to tell me he was going to a music school and that he was from out of town. I replied and noticed a very handsome blonde haired man sitting in the back seat. They were very happy, smiling on such a lovely day. The driver asked if I wanted to go for a ride. Of course, you do not go for a ride with a stranger. I thought I had met the man in the back seat before. I said, “No.” He said, “Maybe I can call you later and we can go out.”. I replied, “Sure, maybe.”. I gave him my phone number. He said, “I will give you a call tonight.”. When I got home, I wondered if he was going to give me a call. He didn’t. I learned the next day of a horrible accident at the bend of the road not to far. It was the young men I spoke to that afternoon in the accident and a female. The driver and the female died in the accident.

I am glad I turned down their offer for a ride on that sunny afternoon in July.

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Mickey, The Date From Hell

This is a true story that happened to me and the reason I say that is because I still find it hard to think that it could happen to anyone, or myself. My fiance had died two months before we were to get married. That kind of love that you can never find again. He passed out on the train tracks in Boluxi, Mississippi and was hit by a train. I was devastated by the loss, but, I had to get on with my life. I quit the job I was working at and found a bartending job in a nearby town. My fiance’s mother told be I should go on with my life and try to date. That isn’t what I wanted to hear. While tending bar, I met someone, his name, David Mercier from Taftville, CT.  We went out one night to Chelsea Landing in Norwich and he got us drinks. I remember taking a sip of the drink and suddenly, I had the worst feeling, an undescribable feeling. I had just lost control of my life. I told him, “I need for us to go outside.”. We did and he smiled and I said, “I do not feel good.” I knew that my life was in danger and that he was in control of it. He drove me to his place. Driving my car, he drove me all over, we even went to New York City and stayed at a motel. This three weeks of horror, I do not remember everything that happened. I do remember bits and pieces. While staying in New York, I remember leaving the motel room alone and walked the streets of New York City. How I found my way back, I do not know. I was hungry, I hadn’t eaten. When we stopped at a store, I was going to take an apple, but, the store clerk said to me, “You can’t just take that, put it back!” I couldn’t even utter the words, “Please help.” My “date” was finally driving me back home. When I got near home, I stepped out of the car and started to stream. An ambulance arrived. I was brought to the hospital. After two weeks of being in the hospital, upon discharge from the hospital, the nurse asked me, “Did you take any drugs?”. I said, “No.”. She said, “Well, we found a huge amount of barbiturates in your system.” This happened to me many years ago. It sometimes does not seem like it really happened. I guess you could say I am lucky to be alive. Yes, after an experience like that, I do thank God that I survived it. Maybe it was a miracle that I lived through it. I would never wish anyone to have the experience I did and I pray you never do.

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I Have Been Robbed

I live in a small city in New England.  It was an October evening.  I decided to walk to visit a friend.  There was a full moon.  There had been reports lately that one should use care when walking at night.  I reached my friends apartment, finding he was not home, I decided to start to walk home.  I passed a laundromat and remarked to a man leaning against the wall that I was going to get a washer-dryer.  I walked to a courtyard and sat on a bench deciding to admire the fool moon before walking up the hill home.  It was starting to get dark.  No one was around.  The man that was leaning on the wall at the laundromat was walking towards me  where I was sitting on the bench.  He sat down next to me.  He was six feet, about 180 pounds, long braided hair.  He started to tell me that he has a girlfriend and a part time job.  He was finding it difficult to support her and he did not get along with her family.  I asked him how old he is, “Twenty-five”, he stated.  I replied, “When I was your age it took me a while to get the things I wanted.”  I then said to him, “I think I am going to get home.”  He looked at me with blank, black eyes and said, “Before you go, I want your purse and all your money.”  I said, slowly getting up, “I don’t have any money.” I ran quickly to the end of the court, trying to decide if I should try to run to the closest bar or run home.  I stopped and turned to look where he was, and he was walking towards me, about ten feet away, when he said, “I have a knife.”  I ran quickly to the door to city hall and prayed the door was unlocked on this evening.  As I opened the door to safety, I felt him grab my purse off my shoulder and I fell to my knees inside the door.  I ran up the stairs and a man was still working in his office.  I screeched, “A man just assaulted me.  He stole my purse.” The secretary said, “We have to call the police and report it.”  The officer came, he  methodically took my picture and my report.  I asked the police officer if he would give me a ride home.  When I got in the police cruiser, I noticed the officer had a bandage on his leg.  I asked him, “What happened to you?”  He replied that he had walked in on a burglary.  I asked him if he thought I should still walk to choir rehearsal in the evening.  He said, “Yeah, we’ll be around.  People think this town will be like it was twenty or thirty years ago again.  It won’t.  People are meaner now.”  I could feel how close to death I had just been and I realised how vain I really am.  When I got home, relieved, I was now safe, I turned on the t.v. and watched the movie ‘Carrie’.  A few days later my wallet had been mailed to me by someone who found it in the bushes.   



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