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The Leaves on the Trees Make Oxygen









The United States Air Force in the 1960’s and 1970’s were measuring temperatures and ice depths at the North Pole and we were they were aware of global warming and the effects it had on the ozone layer.

Conversation groups have been taking steps in many countries to help prevent global warming.

One such efforts has been the attempts for deforestation the prevention of cutting down our much needed forests.  Forests are needed for animal life and for birds.  Humans, also, need forests.  Leaves on trees make oxygen though a process call photosynthesis.  Can saving our forests help global warming and the hole in the ozone area?  Yes.  In the Economist, according to a team led by Trevor Keenan of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, in California, who have published their findings in Nature Communications, the plants growth by climate change, may also, be helping to slow it – at least for now.

We can all help by planting a tree or seedling.

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Rocket from Earth to the Moon










The space rocket goes from the Earth to the Moon.  First the speed of the rocket will go to the distance of the moon in how many days?  Or, as in a Space probe, it may take hours, not days.  We have to measure time and distance as in Physics.  We on Earth must figure where the Moon will be in orbit, if the space rocket will lift off from Earth at 6:00a.m., say from Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral in Florida.  If the rocket leaves earth at 6:00a.m. from Florida, in 3 days when the rocket hits the target of the moon in 4 days, the moon would probably be in an area according to 3 days of the lift off, or if it takes hours, to measure where or what time the moon will be over the Earth.  So, you want to time where the moon will be at liftoff and where it will be in 3 days or in hours, and aim and hit your target, the moon, not so small of a target, and land on the moon.

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Once I Got Lost in the Woods

It was late Summer maybe early Autumn.  I was about 20 years old.  I decided to go for a walk.  The walk started on a path behind a church in Versailles.  I just felt like going for a walk.  I ended up on  route 32 in Franklin and decided quickly to go back to Versailles through the woods.

 As I got a quater way from where I first started, I suddenly stopped and could not figure out what direction to go in.  I turned and looked around and each direction looked the same, a group of trees.  I lost my direction and bearings.  Indistinct sounds seemed to come from the distance in the woods.  I began to panic. It was coming close to sundown.

I just kept walking, fast.

I finally came to a clearing.  It was the church in Versailles where I first started on the path.  There was a siren going off and a fire truck at the church.  I was home.

My advice, do not ever go for a walk in the woods that does not have a walking or hiking path!

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One of Life’s Lessons

One day when I was a child of about eight years old, I took my bike and rode it to the store down the road, Richard’s was the name of the store. When I was at the store I walked around and upon leaving, I stopped in front of the shelves of candy. The candy looked irresistible to me, but, I had no money. I asked the lady behind the register if I could have a bag, she looked at me and gave me a bag. I walked back over to the candy shelf, looked at the cashier, and I thought to myself, “good, she isn’t looking” and I then preceded to take candy from the shelf and stuff it in the bag she gave me. When I thought I had enough candy in my bag, I kind of hid the bag and rushed out the store door.

When I got home, it was dinner time, my Father was at the table eating and my Mother was also at the table talking to Dad

I sat at the table and hoping my parents wouldn’t notice what was in my bag, I put my crumpled bag on the table. I noticed my Mother had a strange, blank look on her face, she then took the bag and emptied all of it’s belongings on the table, there laying on the table all of my irresistible candy. I suddenly had this horrible feeling. She asked me, “Where did you get this?”. My Father was looking blankly at my candy on the table. I replied, ” At the store.”. My Mother said, “Oh, and you had money for all this candy?”. I felt like I committed a crime and said, ” No, I took it.”. I was afraid what my punishment was going to be. My Mother said, “You take this candy back to the store and tell Mr. Richards that you took this candy from his store.”. ” Okay.” I said.

I went back to the store with my bag of candy and came to Mr. Richards behind the meat counter. I looked up at him and said, Mr. Richards, I have something to tell you.”. “Yes, what is it?” I told him, ” I took a bag of candy from your store. Stole it.”. He told me, “I want you to sweep the store as punishment for stealing the candy.”. ” Okay.”. I replied.

While sweeping the old wooden floors, with a huge floor broom, that was taller than me man who walked past me said, “Wow! For a kid, you really know the meaning of work!”. ” Yeah.” I quietly replied and then I explained to him what had happened and I did learn a lesson. I never stole from a store again.

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Project BLUE BOOK – Unidentified Flying Objects | National Archives

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