I Have Been Robbed

I live in a small city in New England.  It was an October evening.  I decided to walk to visit a friend.  There was a full moon.  There had been reports lately that one should use care when walking at night.  I reached my friends apartment, finding he was not home, I decided to start to walk home.  I passed a laundromat and remarked to a man leaning against the wall that I was going to get a washer-dryer.  I walked to a courtyard and sat on a bench deciding to admire the fool moon before walking up the hill home.  It was starting to get dark.  No one was around.  The man that was leaning on the wall at the laundromat was walking towards me  where I was sitting on the bench.  He sat down next to me.  He was six feet, about 180 pounds, long braided hair.  He started to tell me that he has a girlfriend and a part time job.  He was finding it difficult to support her and he did not get along with her family.  I asked him how old he is, “Twenty-five”, he stated.  I replied, “When I was your age it took me a while to get the things I wanted.”  I then said to him, “I think I am going to get home.”  He looked at me with blank, black eyes and said, “Before you go, I want your purse and all your money.”  I said, slowly getting up, “I don’t have any money.” I ran quickly to the end of the court, trying to decide if I should try to run to the closest bar or run home.  I stopped and turned to look where he was, and he was walking towards me, about ten feet away, when he said, “I have a knife.”  I ran quickly to the door to city hall and prayed the door was unlocked on this evening.  As I opened the door to safety, I felt him grab my purse off my shoulder and I fell to my knees inside the door.  I ran up the stairs and a man was still working in his office.  I screeched, “A man just assaulted me.  He stole my purse.” The secretary said, “We have to call the police and report it.”  The officer came, he  methodically took my picture and my report.  I asked the police officer if he would give me a ride home.  When I got in the police cruiser, I noticed the officer had a bandage on his leg.  I asked him, “What happened to you?”  He replied that he had walked in on a burglary.  I asked him if he thought I should still walk to choir rehearsal in the evening.  He said, “Yeah, we’ll be around.  People think this town will be like it was twenty or thirty years ago again.  It won’t.  People are meaner now.”  When I got home, relieved, I was now safe, I turned on the t.v. and watched the movie ‘Carrie’.  A few days later my wallet had been mailed to me by someone who found it in the bushes.   



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UFO Sighting – Sleigh with Red Light in Front

One night I went outside on the back porch which goes to up to the second story.  I was looking at the night’s sky with my telescope.  There was to be an eclipse of the moon that night…

Source: UFO Sighting – Sleigh with Red Light in Front

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It’s the Economy, Stupid

Okay, I get it, it’s the economy.  But how is the average citizen going to have their word as to how they feel today’s economy is treating them.  There are a lot of people who are hurting today financially.  Prices are too high today for the middle-class to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.  Well, maybe the middle-class can swing it, you know the monthly bills that every household should pay, rent, utilities, cable, car payment, groceries.  It all sounds nice, but it reality, how can a single mom afford to pay $1000.00 a month for renting an apartment, take care of her children, making sure they have nice clothes, good food on the table, and transportaion to their favorite hobbies?  Who are the current pricing system aimed at, millionares?  Some prices are going so high, you would think we have a million dollar income to live comfortable.  Rent in the 1970s was about $300.00 a month, utilities was low, groceries were low, and you did not pay for watching television.  Television programs that we watched at home was free.  Now, companies like Comcast want the average family to pay almost $100.00 a month to watch television.  Guess what?  The Comcast executive is making millions of dollars a year for his annual income.  Treating himself to only the best and his income is from the high payments we make each month to Comcast to watch television.  Comcast execs are not the only company who love to set the high prices on their products.  Your monthly bills that are a necessity for a comfortable life, your rent, the groceries, are all priced high so that the retailer can make a few million a year, while the middle class is trying to pay all their bills each month and have a little left for entertainment.  Yes, it’s the enconomy, stupid, and when prices are so high, that the only way is for the prices to come down, and you have politians wondering why so many people are unhappy, just remember in politics, are politicians are voted in to make American lives in some way better.  The polictians should not look into the eyes of the listening audience and say, ‘It’s the economy, stupid.’

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Remember the days when you thought someone was listening in on you conversation?  And a friend says, ‘oh you’re just being paranoid.’  I guess it started when we had a party-line on our telephone.  It was back it the 1960’s and two people could use the same phone number, when they were not using it, you could use the phone and sometimes when you picked up the phone to make a call, you could hear the other person’s conversation, and then you would interrupt them by saying, “Oh sorry, I need to use the phone.”  Well, then people would tell stories when the  local police bugged phones to get information.  And it was also the word being ‘tapped’ on the phone.  Now the government says they have a right to listen in on phone conversations because of terrorism.  Okay.  Not only do they want the right to listen to our conversations on the phone, they want access to our emails, also because of terrorism.  We are also being told we should frequently change our passwords on the websites we use like face book, google, and your email password.  We are reminded to get a safe guard your email app.  Okay.  In case someone gets your password and starts reading all your email and sign in to the websites you enjoy. These people may be the Chinese or Russians, your know the commies, breaking into our email.  Okay.  When out in public, should I look at the person next to me to make sure they are not watching me put in my password on my key board?  May cover one hand on my key board so they will not get my password.  Not only that, do not forget, when you toss papers in the trash, do not have information that has your social security number or name with address on it.  There are criminals who go through your papers looking for information to use to get any identification, this is fraud.  Okay.  Now, relax, turn on the television, and watch a James Bond movie, 007, making leaps and flips catching the bad guy.

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Are you single?  This is a question asked by many on social media.  Well, yes I am, I reply.  Then i asked by a new friend, “Do you have any kids?”.  The next question usually is, “How old are you?”  When I reply to a new friend that, “I am single”, I usually get this reply that sounds as though it is strange for a woman to be single.  All of a sudden my new friend wants my life history.  Wait a minute!  I go to my Facebook page and it is a way to relax and share with friends and family, play a few enjoyable games, right?  Some people do not understand that everyone is not on social media to have a serious , committed relationship in ten minutes on “chat”.  I really do not feel as though I have to explain to every new friend why I wish to be single at this time in my life.  Explaining to each “friend” all my past romantic relationships and what went wrong with each one of them.  Well, if you would like me to write an auto-biography, maybe one day I will, but I will not write it on “chat”.  Some people come on too strong.  That can turn a person off completely from trying romance again.  Imagine, you just end a  fifteen year relationship and feeling pretty good about your decision and suddenly you are thrown in a basket ball game and you are the basketball being thrown to each player in the game, “Hey loose ball!”  “Hurry, got to make a score!”  “Think quick!”  Hey, No!  I do not even like basketball!  Hurry up, think quick!  We got a rebound!  Gee if only I was a little younger, some of these guys I could have really gone for.  I am older and wiser, I hope.  Well, in some respects.  One thing I do know, some people you should not try to rush romance on, or it will never happen.  

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UFO Sighting – Sleigh with Red Light in Front

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       One night I went outside on the back porch which goes to up to the second story.  I was looking at the night’s sky with my telescope.  There was to be an eclipse of the moon that night.  It … Continue reading

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Power of Positive Energy

PIC_0331     The Earth is filled with positive and negative energy.  As in the Chinese philosophy, Chi, female is negative, male is positive, the moon is negative, the sun is positive, a standing water is negative, a raging water fall is positive.  The sun ray’s are use for solar energy, a water fall is used to produce energy, wind is used to produce energy through windmills, the power of a positive charge of lightning is use to produce energy that of electricity.  The body, also, must be filled with positive energy.  The human body consists of molecules, atoms, neutrons, electrons, etc..  Would our bodies benefit from positive energy to a degree?  Positive and negative elements exist but, as we have observed that negativity is somewhat harmful to the human mind and body.  Negativity can cause depression and illness.  Depression, also, occurs more frequently in the Winter months when there is less day light or sun light.  If, in the human body, positive elements could create wellness and destroy negative growth, such as cancer or other physical illnesses.  Apply positive elements to the molecules, atoms, neutrons, electrons, etc. in the body that would destroy the over negativity causing illnesses in these areas and would give back energy and life to molecules, atoms, etc. in the body for health and well being to the body.

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